BIM services:

As part of our architectural scope of services for the EBN schools, in conjunction with Premier Modular, we undertook regular clash detection at strategic points of the project to validate the design and mitigate errors in the fabrication and construction process. Each discipline created a model to a predetermined level of detail against specific Revit categories allowing us to perform an automated clash review in a timely manner, coordinate with the design team to resolve the clashes which in turn allowed the fabrication process to run on programme.

The four schools within the EBN framework were required to be delivered to BIM Level 2 including COBie data to aid the facilities management team during the operational phase of the building’s lifecycle. The data, inline with the Employers Information Requirements (EIRs), was embedded in each model which included spacial data as well as operations and maintenance data for the building’s fabric, finishes and services. Once the data had been added to the model it was exported into spreadsheet form, ready for integration into a computer aided facilities management program (CAFM).

BIM services can be offered as part of an Architectural scope or commissioned independently as Information Managers.

Services Provided: