A new website for a new era

In Q4 of 2017, Vaughan Architecture & Design took up new offices in Leeds. Located by the train station, our new residence represents a significant step-change in our practice outlook.

A year in review

2017 has been a pivotal year for Vaughan Architecture. It has seen the completion of award winning projects such as Fountain Court for Workpods at Finningley Airport as well as the innovative schools for West Didsbury and New Islington in Manchester for Premier Modular.  A relationship which has delivered over £30m of projects over the last 12 months including the Thames Tideway infrastructure project and the new Google and HS2 major UK investment programmes. We have continually strived to achieve the highest quality in both design as well as client satisfaction and delivery and through our collaborative approach have ensured these key projects have been delivered on time and to budget. The culmination of this approach is no better exemplified by our appointment to deliver 4 new schools for Manchester City council through an innovative pre-designed, off-site procurement process through a BIM Level 2 framework.

Investment and evolution is the key to the companies future and we now enter 2018 with new staff, an expanding portfolio and a new Leeds studio which will allow Vaughan Architecture to grow to meet the changing needs of our clients and ensure we strive to achieve the highest standards needed by the industry.

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